Tungsten Carbide Blank Drawing Dies

Tungsten Carbide Blank Drawing Dies Picture

Tungsten carbide blank drawing dies content of more than 99.95% purity using the original raw material tungsten powder as the main raw material, low impurity content, not fried mold; raw materials used in exclusive formulation process, adding wearable element material, so that greatly enhance the life drawing die; imported presses pressing, used pressure sintering furnace sintering, products pass Zhou Zheng, Dimension tolerance margin is small, lower processing costs; various types of molds complete production cycle faster.

Tungsten carbide blank drawing dies working process:

1. the inlet zone: Import zone precision polishing, easy to wear silk smooth import and convenient drawing lubricant maneuver;

2. the lubrication area: lubrication areas highly polished, so easy transition wire;

3. the compression zone: linear workspace can reduce pullout resistance, variable point contact surface contact, reducing friction and die wear, deformation structure is more reasonable and stable. On a pass into the line thicker or thinner can successfully pull;

4. sizing zone: Straight ensure accurate sizing zone diameter wire, finish and roundness for a long time.

5. the security angle: the angle can guarantee the safety wire pulled no injuries, life has become ever longer trend.

6. export area: export zones can ensure smooth wire outlet.