Tungsten Carbide Casement Drawing Dies

Tungsten Carbide Casement Drawing Dies Picture

The external force to force the metal through the mold, the metal cross-sectional area is compressed to obtain the desired cross-sectional area and shape and size of tool called dies. Tungsten carbide casement drawing dies high quality carbide for mold core, with high hardness, good thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction characteristics. Making simple (production processes, including die, draft, turning several process steps), corrosion resistance, impact resistance, low price is a significant feature of this product is suitable for ferrous metals, wire drawing large size, as well as drawing disadvantaged occasions.

Dies of different cemented carbide materials used in the main drawing industry, such as low tensile steel (MS), high-carbon steels (HC), stainless steel (SS), brass, aluminum and the like. We can manufacture according to customer supplied drawings. However, as long as the customer informed about the density and width requirements, we will design and manufacture according to customer requirements and manufacturing carbide drawing dies. Even if no specific data information, only provide a sample, we can also provide customers drawing, which is our special services.