Tungsten Carbide Caster Bracket Drawing Diess

Tungsten Carbide Caster Bracket Drawing Diess Picture

Tungsten carbide caster bracket drawing dies high hardness, smooth friction coefficient is small, stretching the product surface without scratches. Long life, is the best alternative to imported molds for stretch forming special bracket casters die. Chinatungsten Online provide quality tungsten carbide caster bracket drawing dies, can be designed according to customer requirements.

Tungsten carbide hardness and wear resistance than any other kind of tool steel, but the flexural strength and toughness poor. Tungsten carbide is used as a mold cobalt, on the impact of small and high wear resistance of the mold, the choice of a lower amount of cobalt-containing carbide. On the impact of large molds, can be used contain high amounts of cobalt tungsten carbide. Steel bonded carbide is a small amount of iron powder alloying elements (such as chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, etc.) do binders, titanium carbide or tungsten carbide for hard phase sintering powder metallurgy methods. Steel bonded carbide substrate is steel, tungsten carbide toughness to overcome the poor, processing difficulties shortcomings, can cutting, welding, forging and heat treatment. Steel bonded carbide contains a lot of carbides, although lower than the tungsten carbide hardness and wear resistance, but still higher than other kinds of steel, hardened, tempered hardness up to 68 ~ 73HRC.